Little Bendigo

“Woman and children in home garden, Little Bendigo, Ballarat, Victoria, 1876,” by unknown photographer, via The Biggest Family Album in Australia, Museums Victoria Collections on flickr.

Harriet, Caroline, and Harriet Mary Whitaker are shown in front of their home on Lofven Street. (A photo of their neighbors is here.)

Little Bendigo was the site of a small gold rush in the 1860s. It took inspiration from Bendigo, Victoria, an important gold mining boomtown of the 1850s. In 1881, the town’s name became Nerrina.

2 thoughts on “Little Bendigo

  1. I think the Whitakers, above, lucked out in having a good-sized tree on their property, but I also noticed that the Stevens photo is 1871 and the one here is 1876. So the difference may also show how much can be accomplished in five years. I “drove” down Lofven Street using Google Satelite, and it’s still a country road with no sidewalk and houses (now modern) on wide lots.

    The Stevens family in the other house must have been friends of the Whitakers, because both photos were donated to The Biggest Album. . . by a Mrs. Stevens.

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