The Royal Gardens of Blois

While transferring some old files to a new computer, I found these photos of a walled public garden near the château in Blois, France.  I took them in the spring of 2007.

The garden was designed by Gilles Clément and was built in 1987.  The section I photographed is a wonderful blend of the structured (hedges set in strict lines) and loose (grasses, large rosebushes, and tall perennials planted between).

The tops of the yew hedges are not level, but are sheared into rolling curves.  With the grasses moving in the wind between them, you sense the motion of waves, even in this very formal garden layout.

I wish I knew the name of that grass.

You can read about Gilles Clément in a brief article from the February 2010 issue of Garden Design.  He also designed the more well-known Moving Garden at the Parc André-Citroën in Paris.

Click on any thumbnail photo below to scroll through all the enlarged pictures.

Gilles Clément

Gilles Clément





7 thoughts on “The Royal Gardens of Blois

  1. Love, love, love this! I recently planted a ‘Lime Walk’ backed by a cedar hedge (still very tiny). I was going to cut it level, but | love the movement of this hedge, and no one could tell if I screwed up either, lol.

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