Blois garden in May

Blois garden/enclos*ure

Forgive me for re-blogging these photos from 2011, but I am missing the particular beauty of May in the northern hemisphere.

Blois garden/enclos*ure

This is a garden overlooked by the Chateau de Blois in France.

Blois garden/enclos*ure

I took these photos in May 2007.

Blois garden/enclos*ure

The garden was designed by Gilles Clément.

Blois garden/enclos*ure

The hedges are yew. In between are Mutabilis roses and Stipa gigantea. I have forgotten all the emerging perennials, but believe I saw Joe Pye weed and anemones.

4 thoughts on “Blois garden in May

  1. Fantastic to see a Gilles Clement work. Thank you! Is the path material a finely crushed gravel? Does this garden have a name?

    1. It’s called the Royal Garden of Blois and was built in 1987. When I visited in 2007, I loved the juxtaposition of the clipped (although curvy) hedges and the loose, wavy grasses and perennials (and the Mutabilis rose is one of my favorites).

      I think the path is decomposed granite or something of that sort. No matter how many pictures I take at a garden, there’s always something I want to know later.

      Clement’s work is very interesting. If you click on the link on his name above, there’s a good video talk by him.

  2. I felt the same in my first spring in Majorca (Balearic Islands) I miss terribly the blooming season in Brussels oh flowers!. It has been here a rather rainy and coold spring but now everything is starting to turn yellow and toasted colors, is almost summer and this will be it for some months, I will be posting in my blog the only foraged flora I could have for few weeks.

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