About me


Why be so serious about mere joys?

— May Sarton, from “A Country Incident

Welcome to enclos*ure, where I post pictures and words about the “mere” things that interest me, usually related to garden design and life in gardens.

I have lived and gardened in five countries in Africa and in the Washington, D.C., area since 1988. About ten years ago, I also completed a certificate program in Landscape Design from George Washington University. I currently live in Stuttgart, Germany.

I began this blog in 2011. I chose the name enclos*ure because all gardens begin with the creation of a sense of separation and containment. ‘Garden’ has its roots in ancient Indo-European words meaning enclosure. (Likewise, the word paradise, often applied to gardens, comes from the Old Persian paridaida, meaning “walled-around.”)

Why the * ? ‘Enclosure’ is formed by ‘enclose’ plus ‘-ure’ — the suffix that forms abstract nouns of action — thus, it means “the act of enclosing or the state of being enclosed.”

No day is right for the apocalypse.
William Matthews, from “The Waste Carpet

And “Take refuge.”? Well, we all need to sometimes. Where better than in a garden? Or, for a few minutes, in a blog about gardens?

You can contact me at cgoodson51@gmail.com