The garden at the Old Stone House

I walked into Georgetown this morning and ended up at the Old Stone House garden, which is one of my favorites.  I love the long, wide perennial bed on the east side, which has a path that takes you right up through the plantings and gives you a view from the inside.

The Old Stone House garden.

The path through the perennial bed.

It’s not at its best at the moment, however — the late spring bloom is over, and the summer flowers haven’t really started yet.  And it’s been dry here lately.  But it’s a wonderful old garden, and I always find something interesting there.

I talked for awhile to Park Ranger Beverly Magruder, who was working hard at pruning a big old wisteria that is growing as a shrub and at generally getting things into better shape.  She is hoping to be able to get some new plants soon (and maybe some volunteers).  Maybe next time I’ll go in old clothes and with work gloves.

Wide perennial bed at the Old Stone House

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