Both sides now

Gallery in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ureThe front of this small gallery on Rue de Flandre (or Vlaamsesteenweg) in Dansaert shows how Brussels can be both charming and a little grim at the same time.

Gallery in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ureI took these pictures a week ago yesterday.

Gallery in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ureThere’s a nice appreciation of the city on The Economist’s Intelligent Life website here.

Gallery in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ureThe neighborhood of Dansaert starts about four blocks northwest of the Grand’Place and is definitely worth exploring, especially if you are interested in Belgian fashion design and/or food.

The gallery, Impasse Temps/Tijd Gang*, is staging a series of weekend exhibits on “Pattern(s)” between now and November 24.

Gallery in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ureIt is located at 123 Rue de Flandre.

Gallery window in Dansaert, Brussels/enclos*ure

3 thoughts on “Both sides now

    1. The leaves are part of a folding screen set just inside the window. I’m almost positive that they are just glued together to make the inside of each panel — not between glass. The gallery was closed the day we were in Brussels on the way back home.

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