Back on the sidewalk in Washington. . .

Mums and sw. potato vines in Georgetown:enclos*ureWalking along the Book Hill section of Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, I crossed the street to take a few pictures of this arrangement.  It wins my own “best in mums and sweet potato vines” award.  (There’s a little English ivy in there too.)

Mums and sw. potato vines:enclos*ureIt’s appropriately in front of an antiques shop that sells mid-century modern furniture.

Planting in Georgetown:enclos*ure

I also liked this planter made from old roof tiles at Marston-Luce a few doors down.

Roof tile planter in Georgetown shop:enclos*ureAnd I love the frog.

Detail of planter made from roof tiles, Georgetown:enclos*ure

It takes a calendar one damp day to declare fall,
weeks of dying mums to second the motion.

Lance Larsen, from “Backyard Georgics

3 thoughts on “Back on the sidewalk in Washington. . .

  1. Ah, Marston-Luce, another shop that’s long been on my list of places to visit. The sweet potato vine keeps the mums from looking so “fake” which they often do as they’re so hybridized. And I love the chair just visible in the antique shop window.

  2. I love this part of Georgetown and was in David Bell Antiques last time I was in DC (in March for a Dumbarton Oaks Symposium) Not too far from here is a wonderful garden art shop.

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