Back on the sidewalk in Washington. . .

Mums and sw. potato vines in Georgetown:enclos*ureWalking along the Book Hill section of Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, I crossed the street to take a few pictures of this arrangement.  It wins my own “best in mums and sweet potato vines” award.  (There’s a little English ivy in there too.)

Mums and sw. potato vines:enclos*ureIt’s appropriately in front of an antiques shop that sells mid-century modern furniture.

Planting in Georgetown:enclos*ure

I also liked this planter made from old roof tiles at Marston-Luce a few doors down.

Roof tile planter in Georgetown shop:enclos*ureAnd I love the frog.

Detail of planter made from roof tiles, Georgetown:enclos*ure

It takes a calendar one damp day to declare fall,
weeks of dying mums to second the motion.

Lance Larsen, from “Backyard Georgics