The Sunday porch: Houston, Texas

Old house in 1940s Houston, by John Vachon, Library of Congress

Another photo by John Vachon — an old house with a double porch in Houston, Texas, May 1943.*  I love the tower room.

You really need to click on the photo and enlarge it to enjoy all the details of this one.

Sharp-eyed commenters on the Library of Congress’s Flickr Commons project noticed that the address on the curb is 1900 Franklin Street. The location is currently a parking lot next to the US Route 59 overpass, close to Minute Maid Park.

*via Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Color Photographs Collection, Library of Congress.

8 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Houston, Texas

    1. It is really a porch with a house attached — which is understandable given Houston’s hot, humid weather. I think it must be a duplex or maybe a boardinghouse.

      The poor inhabitants: their drying underthings preserved forever in the Library of Congress.

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