I love spheres in a garden.   When I see them, even if they’re staked down in one place, I always imagine that they’re rolling about the garden at will.

While living in Niger a few years ago, I had the idea of making myself some spheres by taking several of the local clay water pots, which are round on the bottom, and planting them upside down. When I went to buy them at a roadside pot stand, I found a few with already broken tops and, naturally, offered a little lower price to the seller to take the damaged goods off her hands. This made her very suspicious, however, and I’m not sure that I didn’t end up paying a premium instead.

Water pots buried upside down as spheres in the garden.
Blue spheres from http://www.pottedstore.com.

The blue spheres in this photo to the right are from the online shop Potted, and I wish I had them for my current little patch of lawn.  I spotted them yesterday in an ad in the new online magazine Entra, which I found from a link in the blog Studio G, which I found from a link in Stone Art Blog, which I found googling ideas for gravel.  I roll around too.

Potted’s spheres come in blue, orange, and rusted metal.  Their website also has a good blog (the link goes to some wonderful posts from their “That’s so potted” contest).

The figures in the photo below are from the sculpture “Last Conversation Piece” by Juan Muñoz.  They seem to me to be the ultimate in garden spheres, although they appear to be moving more on bean bags than balls.

They’re at the Hirshhorn Museum of the Smithsonian Institution here in Washington, D.C.

4 thoughts on “Spheres

  1. I roll around a lot too. It’s hard to keep on track sometimes – so many interesting threads to follow. 🙂

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