Play with your plants

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata

This is a porcelain berry vine that’s growing just outside my back fence. It had worked its way up several feet into my neighbor’s tree when I pulled it down a few weeks ago.  But I didn’t have any clippers with me, so I wound the long stem into this living wreath.

I’m enjoying that while it would love to be up smothering and squeezing out the branches above, I have it going round and round on itself.

Yes, I know I’m anthropomorphizing, but this species and I have a history.

I’ll cut it down before the berries ripen too far. Which is a shame, because it does have the most beautiful berries ever — speckled turquoise, purple, and navy.  The wicked are often like that.

2 thoughts on “Play with your plants

  1. Hi there,
    Love what you’ve been writing about, especially Gilles Clement.

    I grow the gorgeous variegated form of this vine, ‘Elegans,’ which is one of the stars of my garden.
    Left you a message on Blotanical, by the way.
    Delighted to connect,
    aka Alice’s Garden Travel Buzz / Bay Area Tendrils

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