Plant supports

Willow trellises from Gardener's Supply Company.

I love these two styles of plant supports from the Gardener’s Supply Company catalog.

I wish I had a way to work a set of these willow trellises into my garden. I’d love to see three or five of them set out in a medium to large country-style garden to provide height and some rhythm.  They range from 47″ to 70″ tall; prices from $16.95 to $29.95.

The birdcage-style supports look very French. They come 20″ to 36″ in diameter; prices from $24.95 to $64.95.

Birdcage plant supports from Gardener's Supply Company.

2 thoughts on “Plant supports

  1. Welcome to blotanical! I love Gardener’s Supply Company. I have several items I have ordered from them over the years. I used to live in Northern Virginia for many years before our move to the desert last year. I really miss the trees and the flowers that could be grown there.

    1. But maybe not our humidity! 🙂
      I’ve really tried to think of something to do with those willow supports, but they’re just not going to fit. But it was so nice to be able to share my enthusiasm.

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