Barcaldine, Queensland

“Residence with goat in Yew Street, Barcaldine, Queensland,” ca. 1910, photographer unknown, via State Library of Queensland Commons on flickr.

The man and boy are showing off the goat and cart. A woman on the porch is holding up a painting.

In 1891, the Great Shearers Strike was held in Barcaldine under the boughs of The Tree Of Knowledge. The event led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party. The streets in the town are all named after species of trees.

4 thoughts on “Barcaldine, Queensland

  1. Cindy, the photo from Barcaldine is fascinating. The boy seems to be dressed in his finest clothes so I’m guessing the man is, too. I wish we could see more of the woman and the painting.
    Do you think that the photo was taken to send ‘Home’ to England to show how the family was prospering?

    1. I had the same impression — that it was meant for England, or even one of the big cities like Melbourne or Sydney. At first, I thought the man was showing off some sort of long bean pod, then a dead snake, and finally I realized he had the reins of the goat.

    1. It could be. Unfortunately, I can’t enlarge it enough to see. Apparently, goat cart racing was quite a fad with children in Queensland. Click on “goat” above to see an article about it today.

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