Christmas greetings

“Christmas at ‘Ollera’ – Guyra, [New South Wales],” December 25, 1913,” via State Library of New South Wales Commons on flickr.

The photo shows members of the Everett and McKenzie families.

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas greetings

  1. Cindy, your photo reminds me of a Christmas we spent in Australia about a dozen years ago. We were visiting a son who lives there and our combined families had left Perth on the west coast where he lives to spend the holidays with some of his Australian family on the east coast, north of Sydney. The house there was too small for all of us so my husband and I stayed not far away at the Palm Motel. It was incredibly hot, and the neon palm tree on the motel sign flashed off and on all night. An unusual Christmas to say the least.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I do enjoy your photos and am always impressed by the geographic range.

    1. I think this picture really captures the excitement and joy of all families and friends coming together for the holidays (and I love the pants on the horse). And I remember so many hot Christmases when we were living in Africa.

      I hope you all had a great Christmas at Glen Villa. We were in Amsterdam — so beautiful.

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