The Sunday porch: Vincennes, Indiana

Sunday afternoon on the front porch, Vincennes, Indiana, July 1941, by John Vachon, via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Nice striped socks.

Interrupted by visitors.
At least it looks like he didn’t have to leave his book and go inside with them.

3 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Vincennes, Indiana

  1. What an intriguing sequence of photos. I wonder who the two visitors were. They appear younger and much more formally dressed than the ‘lady of the house.’

    1. Maybe they were part of a group of town ladies who regularly visited each other on Sunday afternoons. Emily Post says a fashionable woman guest would never take off her hat at a luncheon, but that the hostess can go hatless if she thinks it is prettier. And a hostess would never wear gloves.

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