In a vase on Monday: roses

Not an arrangement for the ages, but I did manage this morning to hobble out into the backyard and cut these roses (re: foot surgery), so it represents progress.

The vase is from Gatagara Pottery in Rwanda. The “accessories” are some of my used Mono-Embolex syringes, which, strangely, I find appealing as design.*

The big yellow and pink blooms are giving this end of the dining room a nice rosy smell.

To see what other bloggers have put in a vase today, please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. She hosts this Monday theme.

*Also, I’m not sure how to throw them away — garbage/recycling sorting is a very serious business here in Germany. I still have a collection from my last operation.

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: roses

    1. These are single-use syringes, made so you can give yourself the shot (that ain’t going to happen; my husband does it). Unlike an Epi-pen, the needle is exposed when you pull off the cap, but after the shot, everything is retracted into the little plastic case. Ingenious and visually pleasing (and they really don’t hurt).

  1. The vase looks like a sea urchin and the roses in it are lovely! The syringes pick out the colour of the vase and the yellow roses and are a really quirky idea. Hope your surgery was a success.

    1. There was something on a local Facebook group about how they can just go in the trash, but it’s hard to believe. Once I can go into our closest town, I’m going to ask at the pharmacy.

  2. Cindy, i’ve been away from your blog too long. Sorry to hear you’re recovering from surgery, but I’ve got to think that beautiful vase full of roses would make it more pleasant.

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