The Sunday porch: Cherry Spring, Texas

North (back) side of Rode-Kothe House, Cherry Spring, Gillespie County, Texas, May 29, 1936, by Richard MacAllister for an Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (all three photos).

South (front) side of house.

The HABS says the limestone house was at least partly built in 1855 by German immigrant Dietrich Rode. (He completed it in 1879.) Rode was one of the founders of nearby Fredericksburg, as well as Cherry Spring.  He was also a lay Lutheran minister and a teacher, first in his students’ homes at night and then on the second floor of his ranchhouse shown here.

Detail of front porch.

The house may still stand near Christ Lutheran Church, which Rode helped found, but I cannot find a current picture of it.

The HABS says the building was “[s]ited to dominate its surroundings.”

2 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Cherry Spring, Texas

  1. Hello I am a descendent if the Rhode family and most of my family is buried in the privet cemetery. The home does still stand and I do not have a current picture but hope to soon.

  2. I have a picture of the Rode House.
    My parents, grandparents, and 5 generations are buried there. My grandmother was Diedrich Rode’s granddaughter. My family, Eugene Sattler’s descendants, take care of the cemetery along with a few others. We would love for more to become involved in caring for the cemetery. We live in Louisiana about 8 hours away. If you would like the picture, please send me your email address and I will send it to you

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