In a vase on Monday: peonies

For each of the last two springs in this house, the peony plant in the back yard has given me exactly one bloom. This week, there were eight — all but two opening fully on the same day. Their stems are very curved from being knocked over earlier in the month by a late snow and then rain and wind.  Next year, I will try to remember to rig up some sort of support before they emerge.

The blooms look red, but they’re actually a very dark pink, and they have a nice light scent. I arranged them with some wild pink geranium that comes up along the back fence (maybe G. palustre?) and some sweet woodruff. The Westerwald salt-glazed pottery pitcher is from this Saturday’s flea market.

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17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: peonies

  1. I love peonies. I don’t know why I don’t have more of them. Nice arrangement. Happy IAVOM.

  2. Beautiful! A lovely photograph and such beautiful blooms! I think it’s too warm for them here, but I notice that a nursery an hour inland from us has them for sale. It is a little colder there, but maybe worth a try.

  3. Gosh – they really look an interesting colour, sort of ‘brick’, but then you say they are actually pink so unless we see them in the flesh we won’t know for sure! They do look good in a vase though, whether droopy or not. Thanks for sharing, Cindy

    1. Their color in the photo is a little warmer than they really are because I was trying to compensate for the low light. But I always thought of them as dark red until all the petals fell off one of them, and I could see that they were really dark pink. As the remaining blooms are aging, they are looking more pink too.

    1. I was pleased to get the pitcher at the flea market on Saturday for only 5 euros. It does have a little nick at the top, but the flowers cover that up. I’m thinking of getting a little silver leaf and trying to gild its little cracks and chipped places like I’ve seen on some Japanese pottery. Traditionally, pitchers like this were used in Frankfurt to serve apple wine.

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