My mother’s garden

Wordless Wednesday pictures from an August 2012 post. . .

Northern Virginia, August 2011.

Click on any thumbnail below and enjoy.

11 thoughts on “My mother’s garden

  1. 2011? Is it still your mother’s garden? Or a memory of once was.
    (I miss the story of your Rwanda garden. Will there be a fresh garden in your future?)

  2. Beautiful garden, Cindy I guess we know where you got your interest in garden design. Did you have any role in creating this garden? Is it still your parents’ garden? Really lovely setting too with the surrounding views.

    1. I have not had anything to do with this garden’s design — apart from donating some bulbs from yards we have moved away from (and there are some boxwoods in this garden that have been to my house and then come back again after a move). About 25 years ago, the grandchildren did distribute a couple of seed packets of annuals that still return every year.

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