In a vase on Monday: yellow and pink

In a Vase on Mondays 1, Aug. 1, enclos*ureThis weekend, I made two arrangements with roses, spirea, and hydrangea — all from our yard.

In a Vase on Mondays 2, Aug. 1, enclos*ure

I like red and pink together, but I find dark red so difficult to photograph. It just swallows all the light.

In a Vase on Mondays 22, Aug. 1, enclos*ure
I put the yellow arrangement on the coffee table.

In a Vase on Mondays 25, Aug. 1, enclos*ure

That orange rose is the only one that’s fragrant.

To see what other garden bloggers have put in vases today, please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: yellow and pink

    1. I like them too, although these are just hybrid teas; the bushes aren’t very pretty. My favorite yellow rose, as a bush, is David Austen’s “Golden Celebration.” I had very good luck with it in the Washington, D.C., area.

  1. The yellow roses are especially gorgeous – reminds me how glad I am that I changed my mind about having them in my own garden!!

  2. Red may be difficult to photograph but you did a nice job of it. The yellow roses are lovely – my own yellow roses have produced new blooms but, unfortunately, just two of them.

    1. It looks “acceptable,” but it’s mostly grass. We do have some nice pink-blooming Spirea and some Potentilla fruticosa. Most of the cut roses are coming from a little oval-shaped bed in the back that has a really nice Spirea, a nice “fairy” rose, and then a couple of sad hybrid tea roses and a sickly hydrangea. At least, they were sad and sickly last summer. In the fall, I decided to pile leaves and grass clippings (and coffee grounds) there, thinking that would put everything but the Spirea out of its misery, and then I would replant. But the hydrangea and the rose seem to like being under several inches of old leaves and grass, and they’re blooming better than before.

  3. nothing like being able to pick flowers from your own garden.
    Potted freesias and pink clusters of Dombeya in my vases this week.
    (We were in Frankfurt last week)

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