The Sunday porch: Lake City

Summer porch, c.1900, by Theresa. Babb, via Camden Public Library“Fenderson cottage at Lake City on Megunticook Lake in Camden, Maine, in September 1900,” by Theresa Parker Babb, via Camden Public Library Commons on flickr.

Lake City seems to have been a neighborhood of summer homes. From the late 1880s, “a flood” of people from the eastern cities –often rich and prominent– built cottages in and around Camden, drawn by the surrounding scenery and the town’s romantic seafaring past.

. . . Waved in the west-wind’s summer sighs.

— Sir Walter Scott, from “The Lady of the Lake


3 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Lake City

  1. you can also get that information on Google analytics. And Blogger. Not from WordPress?
    They say more and more people are not using desktop / laptop.

    My stats tell me something like – they skim recent posts on mobile. Then read my post at home on their laptop.
    Bit horrified to see how useless my preferred collages are on a mobile’s TINY screen.
    I’m unwiling to abandon collages, but I do make sure that at least some of my images are single.

  2. That was my fear: that after spending many hours switching to a format with larger images, just about everyone is reading it on a handheld screen.

    However, I’ll bet your own stats are close to the norm right now — at least for garden blogs. Even if I quickly check some of my favorite site on my phone while I’m on a bus, if something is at all interesting to me I will go back to it on the desktop later.

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