In a vase on Monday: pansies

In a vase. . ., April 4, enclos*ure

DSC03851Easy: purple pansies from the Degerloch farmer’s market, little purple pot.

To see what other gardeners have put in a vase (or a pot) today, visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. She hosts this Monday meme.

My tantalized spirit
Here blandly reposes,
Forgetting, or never
Regretting, its roses—
Its old agitations
Of myrtles and roses:

For now, while so quietly
Lying, it fancies
A holier odor
About it, of pansies—
A rosemary odor,
Commingled with pansies—
With rue and the beautiful
Puritan pansies.

— Edgar Allen Poe, from “For Annie

6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: pansies

  1. I have never come across that poem by Edgar Allen Poe before – thanks for bringing it to my attention. And your pansies are such a pretty colour – I am not fond of the bright coloured ones with big blotches but these are delightful – thanks for sharing

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