The Sunday porch: Breitenbush

Foot bath, Oregon, OSU Archives“Bruckman’s Breitenbush Springs Foot Bath, Breitenbush, Oregon,” ca. 1937, via OSU Special Collections & Archives Commons on flickr.

Ah, come on folks. . . take off those shoes.

2 Foot bath, Oregon, OSU Archive

Like these guys. (Tie removal optional)

Merle Bruckman bought the property around the Breitenbush hot springs in 1927 and turned it into a wilderness health spa. He sold it in the mid-1950s, and the operation changed hands a few more times before closing in 1972 after two large floods.

In 1981, it re-opened as a retreat and conference center — owned by its workers since 1989.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Breitenbush

  1. The photos are fascinating, so is the roof on the building. I can’t remember ever seeing another roof shaped like this one. I suppose it was an easier shape to construct than what you would normally see, a roof that comes to a single central peak. Was there supposed to be a health benefit in foot bathing?

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