Life in gardens: keeping bees (close)

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This lady — probably in Finland, ca. 1900 — must have been really devoted to her bee hives to keep them so close to her open windows.

The photo is via Gallen-Kallelan Museo Commons on flickr, photographer unknown.

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Deare behold me, you shall see
Faith the Hive, and love the Bee,
Which doe bring.
Gaine and sting.

Lady Mary Wroth

4 thoughts on “Life in gardens: keeping bees (close)

  1. Wonderful.
    What do you think the vines are going up the string toward the right-hand window? The round-lobed foliage looks distinctive, but I can’t think of any good candidates…

    1. I know! They must have nerves of steel for bees buzzing around the table.

      I don’t mind bees that much, as they’re usually pretty docile, but, here in Stuttgart, we are besieged by yellow jackets anytime we sit outside with a drink or food — even downtown.

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