Life in gardens: last look

As April’s cherry blossoms fade away, here is one more vintage scene.

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“Street life in Yokohama park with blossoming cherry trees,” from the photo collection of  journalist Holger Rosenberg, who traveled to Japan in 1903, via National Museum of Denmark Commons on flickr.

In Japan this week, the flowers are at their peak only in the most northern regions.

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the clouds of
a thousand skies from
cherry buds

Saigyo Hoshi

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3 thoughts on “Life in gardens: last look

  1. Catching up on your posts and especially enjoying the poetry. Love the idea of tearing down the wisteria house but naming the replacement building after it. I am guessing there is no comparison between the new and old.

    1. It’s a nice enough looking building, but not a wisp of any kind of vine. The apartments don’t even have balconies. Maybe in its early days, there was a vine over the entrance.

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