The Sunday porch: Pasadena

So thou dost riot through the glad spring days. . .*

The Sunday porch:enclos*ure -- Pasadena, c. 1902, Library of Congress“Gold of Ophir roses, Pasadena[, California,]” ca. 1902, a photochrom by Detroit Photographic Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The climber Gold of Ophir — also known as Fortune’s Double Yellow and Beauty of Glazenwood — moved to southern California with the settlers and flourished there.

“I remember great heaps of them in every backyard, blazing like moons on fire, yellow, gold, pink. . .,” wrote M. K. Fisher in her introduction to Growing Good Roses by Rayford C. Reddell.

* from “Gold of Ophir Roses” by Grace Atherton Dennen, editor/publisher of The Lyric West

2 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Pasadena

  1. Have climbing Dortmund.. A perfect, tough rose. Saw a pic of it growing in California, it was even better there.

    This is a stunner.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    one of your pics of lattice on a porch has solved a design issue for me. thanks.

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