Foliage Follow Up in September

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Our garden in Kigali, Rwanda, this morning. This is an area at the end of our front terrace, composed of mostly tropical foliage plants and shaded by a large red-blooming Mussaenda erythrophylla. Thanks to Pam at Digging for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Follow Up the 16th of every month.

imagine it as one of those survivors in the old
swamps, shadowed by the grown, light-headed conifers…

Alan Dugan, from “Philodendron

3 thoughts on “Foliage Follow Up in September

  1. From gwenniesgarden on September Bloom Day #:
    stunning !!!!

    (For some reason, Gwennie’s comment wasn’t showing up here.)

    My reply:
    Thank you! I’m hoping that that philodendron will grow up into the Mussaenda branches. There’s also a variegated philo. behind it, which will come up as well.

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