Bloom Day in August

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Flowers in the borders around our lower lawn, August 15, 2014.

To see what’s blooming in other garden bloggers’ gardens, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

6 thoughts on “Bloom Day in August

  1. Hello , I’ve searched for you and found out that the yellow plant with thorns and the red stripe on the leafs is the Baleria lupulina. It’s a medical plant.

    From now on I will follow your blog. It’s lovely! My name is Paula Scholtz-Ligthart and I live in the Netherlands.

    1. Hi Paula, Thanks for following.

      You are exactly right about the yellow-flowering plant being Baleria lupulina — Thank you! It looks like it’s being studied as a muscle relaxant. Hortipedia says it’s also called hophead Philippine violet and is in the family of the Acanthaceae.

      I’m going to try to update my plant list page this week.

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