Life in gardens: not always happy

Two sisters, 1927, Library of New South Wales, flickr

Elizabeth Jolley and sister Madelaine Winifred (having a good cry) in a garden, probably in the English Midlands, 1927, photographer unknown, via State Library of New South Wales on flickr.

Monica Elizabeth Jolley was an English-born author who moved to Western Australia in the late 1950s. In the photo above, the girls were about 5 and 4 years old.  Check out Madelaine’s bunny slippers.

6 thoughts on “Life in gardens: not always happy

    1. I think all gardeners look like this (inside) after weeds, biting insects, sunscreen failure, falling off the retaining wall, careless pruning chop, expensive plant death, etc.

      When I was a teenager, we went to Bar Harbor, Maine, one summer, and it was amazing — especially with all the wild blueberries.

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