Vintage landscape: Tokyo

Akasaka, Tokyo, 1890s, from The New York Public Library Commons on flickrAkasaka, Tokyo, ca. 1890s, photographer unknown.  The image is part of “The Album of Photographs of Japan,” via The New York Public Library* Commons on flickr.

Cherry blossoms (sakura) in Tokyo are expected to open on March 30 this year, with the peak bloom being about April 6 to 15.

In Washington, D.C., The National Cherry Blossom Festival will begin on Thursday, March 20, and continue through April 13. Click here and here for more information on events and local accommodations.

The Washington Post has predicted this year’s peak bloom to be about April 9.

*Photography Collection, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.

5 thoughts on “Vintage landscape: Tokyo

    1. In all my years in and out of D.C., last spring was the first time I ever went down to the Tidal Basin to see them (we always lived in neighborhoods with lots of cherry trees). They are stunning.

  1. I love cherry blossoms season! here in London some are already in bloom due to very warm teperatures in the last days, let’s hope we have no back to winter later or they will ruin new sprouts.

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