My bargain dahlia

It’s amazing what you can get at Costco.


I bought a fairly cheap bag of dahlia tubers in mixed varieties there last spring. Then I left it sitting next to my desk until September, when I finally planted the (by then) shriveled-up tubers.


They came up strong, nevertheless, and this light yellow and burgundy one surprised me; I didn’t remember anything so nice on the photo on the bag (which I had tossed).

The others were more ordinary:  a couple in yellow with just a bit of burgundy streaking, three in solid burgundy, and one in yellow with orange streaks (sent right to the cutting garden).


I put the burgundy- and yellow-flowered plants in the center of the long border along the lower lawn.


Their bi-color streakiness will go well with the red, yellow, and green tropical foliage of the plants pictured above* and with the yellow and green variegated gingers below on the left.

Growing behind the dahlias and blooming all the time is a shrubby Hypericum, possibly H. perforatum or St. John’s wort.


The dahlia plants as a whole are not very pretty at the moment, mainly because I didn’t stake them early enough. I’ve planted two shrimp plants** up front to hide their legginess


. . .eventually.  There’s one in front of the gingers too.  I should be able to maintain them at about 2′ high.


I think the whole yellow and burgundy arrangement will give some drama to this center section — once everything grows a little more.  Those gingers will get at least 12″ taller.

down the border

Above:  looking down the border to the left to a pink and burgundy (dahlias) section –also still in progress — then yellow, purple, and, at the end, red with some pink and blue/purple around the edges.

Click any of the photos for a larger look.

*I think a croton and a coleus.

**Justicia brandegeeana.

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