A study in steps: northern Rwanda village

steps, steps

These are the front “steps” from the road to someone’s home in a village near the Virunga Safari Lodge in northern Rwanda. (We spent a night at the Lodge earlier this month.)

They are steeper than they look in the picture.

The little house at the top of the hill would look like the one below; I took this photo along the same stretch of road.

steps, local house

We had hiked down the hill from the hotel along a series of narrow and slippery paths.

steps, hill to road

Also steeper than it looks here.

steps, farms below

Below are my husband and our guide starting back up the hill. A moment later, as we were sliding and leaning on our sticks, we were passed by a young women with a baby on her back. She was wearing flip-flops and carrying what I can only describe as a yule log on her head. She was soon out of sight.

steps, trail

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