Our garden: flower color

I have flower colors on the brain right now.

I’m going to try some (mostly) single-color planting combinations in some sections of the long borders — and dramatic contrasts in others.

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We have blooms all year round here and lots of space. The main borders are along the lower lawn, so I don’t think  that the colorful arrangements will compete too much with our terrace views of the city and hills.

I’ll probably make a good, old mess at first, but I have a year to experiment and a year to make corrections.

The photos above are some reference pictures I took of all the flowers we have right now (a few things aren’t blooming). I’ve been going around and tagging the colors of the roses and daylilies as they bloom.

I have a number of flowering shrubs in the borders that are too big to move, so I will start my color selections with them.

8 thoughts on “Our garden: flower color

    1. I love Love in a Puff — I need to order some. I really like the lantana — even its smell — but the orange and the pink ones are are really invasive here, so I won’t plant any more than I already have, and I try to shear them before they set berries.

      Hope you are all well!

    1. For a while I thought Lantana must be native to East Africa, I saw so much of it growing wild. But, of course, it’s from tropical regions of the Americas. We thew out a lot of it when we removed the shrubs from in front of the terrace. I’ll probably try to replace what’s left in the next year or two.

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