A glimpse of the White House garden

I’m skipping around somewhat in sharing my photos from our March travels. Today I’m back to Washington, D.C.

I’ve been a little curious about the White House vegetable garden and its exact location, because the W.H. grounds are not enormous — not after you subtract for enough lawn to land a helicopter or two, press/security tents and equipment, large conifers for privacy, roses, etc.

But on a walk I took about March 15, I passed by the fence on the south side and there it was (on the far left of the first photo below).

The Park Service seemed to be doing some spring cleanup, although the beds looked pretty well planted out with various early greens. (Click any photo to enlarge it.)

About 10 days after I passed by, schoolchildren and Mrs. Obama officially planted out the 2012 garden.

There’s a very interesting post in Early American Gardens about the White House Gardens in the 19th century, here.

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