On the patio, please

Washington, D.C., has been enjoying a few days with temperatures only in the mid 80’s and the humidity just below 50%.

For us, this is good.  Our summer days usually begin with humidity at more than 80%.  There’s an old story that, until air conditioning, the British government considered Washington a tropical hardship post and authorized its diplomats to wear Burmuda shorts.  This is probably a myth, but everyone here finds it entirely plausible.

So to take full advantage of the current break, in the last few evenings we have looked for  restaurants with outside tables.  We chose two with very different patios:  The Tabard Inn, with red brick, lush green vines, sculptures, and antique urns; and Two Amys, minimalist in comparison, but projecting some Italian chic with its yellow brick, modern red-orange chairs, and pretty glassware.

I’ll enjoy looking at these pictures again at mid-week, when the temperatures are predicted to be back up near 100°.

Click on any thumbnail in the gallery to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “On the patio, please

  1. Lovely! And what a great way to enjoy a respite in the weather! We have been having a dose of your heat and humidity that is supposed to continue through the end of the week… no eating on the deck for us! It’s just plain too hot!

    1. It’s too hot here now too.

      Beautiful dogwoods on your blog, btw. I did not know that kousa dogwood fruit is edible. I love the picture of the dog eating it. My dog eats verbena bonariensis (?) leaves, which unfortunately prunes it when I want it to grow tall and airy.

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