Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day in July

Goldenrod, butterfly milkweed, and common tall phlox.

I’m having more of an in-between-bloom day.  The milkweed has about finished, although the pods are nice, but the goldenrod and cutleaf coneflowers need another week or so.  I do have some nice phlox blooming though.

Milkweed pods and phlox. I think I will need to cut at least some of the pods soon, or the whole garden will be milkweed next year. Not a really terrible thought; I love it.

In the front, my crape myrtle has started up.  While photographing it, I realized I need to do a little limbing up later.  It’s hitting passersby in the face.

My lilac crape myrtle menacing joggers on the sidewalk.
I really like these seed pods from last year's bloom.

Do inside plants count?  No credit to me, though.  Thank goodness for Whole Foods orchids.  I’m very proud of my light orange accent wall, by the way, which I recently painted.  The color is called ‘Baby Duck’, although I don’t know why; there’s no yellow in it.

Orchids holding the stereo receiver's radio antenna wire.

To see what’s blooming in other gardens, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day in July

  1. Very pretty orchids, they look great against the orange wall! 😉 My garden is between blooms as well, but your blooms look really nice. Love crape myrtles.

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