In a vase on Monday: the mermaid

I got up this morning determined to make an arrangement for this cute little Majolica-style vase that I bought at the Saturday flea market. I found these flowers growing in the grass and along the fence in the backyard.

They include primroses, wood anemones, sweet woodruff, and a tulip.

By the time I had everything assembled, I had lost the good morning light inside.  So I spent some time wandering around the house looking for a bright place to take pictures.  At one point I was in the linen closet.  By 2:00 p.m., I was back in the living room with one-half of the curtains pulled back.

The vase is about 8″ (20 cm.) tall.  I say “Majolica-style” because after an hour (or two) on the internet I was no closer to figuring out if it is real or fake.  It cost only €8, so I suspect the latter.

I does seem to have some age, so maybe it’s at least an old fake.

I love the mermaid or siren handle.

She needs tiny pasties.

If anyone reading knows anything about Majolica pottery, I would love to have your opinion.

To see what other garden bloggers have put in vases today, please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: the mermaid

  1. I had to google what you meant by ‘pastie’ as I had not come across the word before although I got your drift 😉 Quite right, the brazen hussy! Your ‘majolica’ jug is a great find, even if you cannot identify its age, and your little hedgerow collection is lovely – people can end up missing so much when they walk around can’t they? Thnaks for sharing today

  2. Well, frankly, I want your vase, although I have no clue what the marks mean.You had me laughing about trying to catch the light – I do the same thing, though my linen closet is really dark. Lovely flowers, too! Cheers.

    1. We have windows facing east and facing west. So, I have windows of time in the fairly early morning and late afternoon with good light. Otherwise, it’s fairly dark in here from the photography standpoint. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That vase is qute something! I remember learning the US word ‘pasties’ after talking to someone about the pies in the UK that we call pasties… quite a confusing difference in meaning! LOL!

  4. What a conversation piece your vase has been! I don’t get the right kind of light in most places in my house either – but I would be delighted to find myself in the linen cupboard. Mainly because I haven’t got one – it seems so luxurious! Your wild flowers are a real delight, as is the vase (I can’t contribute a comment on its history, unfortunately!)

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