Los Angeles


Collegiate Institute, Los Angeles, California, ca. 1920, a hand-colored glass lantern slide, via Arthur Peck Photograph Collection, OSU Special Collections & Archives Commons on flickr.

Arthur Peck was a Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Oregon Agricultural College* from 1908 to 1948. This picture was part of his teaching library of 24 boxes of glass lantern slides — now in OSU’s archives.

I like the hose left out on the grass in this otherwise very neat picture. It would illustrate to a class the major problem in maintaining a lawn in Southern California.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about a “Collegiate Institute” in Los Angeles.

*The college later became Oregon State University (OSU).

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles

    1. I found that the kinds of lawn grasses that I had in Niger and Rwanda could look completely dead in the dry seasons and then come back green almost as soon as the rains returned, thereby being as drought resistant as any other plant in those gardens — as long as you were willing to look out at brown expanses for months of the year (and not walk on it very much).

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