In a vase on Monday: trees

4-9-january-2017-enclosureIn the kitchen window.

In November, I picked up a few acorns from the backyard that had begun to poke out little white roots. I balanced them over water in the tops of bottles and these two survived.

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13 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: trees

  1. I have managed to keep three oak seedlings alive in the garden but I still don’t know if they will really grow into trees eventually. They are in the shade of maples which is not ideal. Never occurred to me to try to root the acorns. We get so many we have to sweep them up multiple times in the autumn.

        1. The big tree trunk closest to the window is ours. It’s an oak and probably the “parent” of my little trees. Unfortunately, it holds onto its (brown) leaves all winter and gives us another big raking session in the spring 🙂

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