Vintage landscape: Florence

Palmieri, Firenze, ca. 1915, OSU on flickrPalmieri, Firenze [ or Florence, Italy] – Box garden from level of tennis court,” ca. 1915, via Arthur Peck Collection, Oregon State University (OSU) Special Collections & Archives Commons on flickr.

Note the patterns of the clipped boxwood in the middle distance and those on the villa at the top.

Arthur Peck was a Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Oregon Agricultural College from 1908 to 1948. During his long career, he created a teaching library of 24 boxes of glass lantern slides — now in OSU’s archives.

Behind the house the upland falls
With many an odorous tree—
White marbles gleaming through green halls—
Terrace by terrace, down and down,
And meets the star-lit Mediterranean Sea.

‘Tis Paradise. . . .

— Herman Melville, from “After the Pleasure Party: Lines Traced Under an Image of Amor Threatening

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