Vintage landscape: horseshoes

Horseshoe fence 2, Nevada, 1978, Library of Congress

Horseshoe gate on the Pedroli Ranch, Paradise Valley, Nevada, July 1978, (35mm slide) by Richard E. Ahlborn, via American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress (both photos).

The ranch house gate was made by Pete Pedroli about 1950.  It has a counterweight for self closing. . .

Horseshoe fence latch, Nevada, 1978, Library of Congress
Photo by Suzi Jones

. . . and a latch made from a bridle bit.

There’s another photo of the house and gate here, by Carl Fleishhauer.

2 thoughts on “Vintage landscape: horseshoes

  1. This reminded me that everytime there was a family get together in the summer, the men set up a horse shoe pitch. I loved to watch them play but it’s been years since I’ve seen anyone do it. This must be where old shoes go to die.

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