The Sunday porch: Piazza San Marco

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On Monday. . . running a little late this week.

We spent December 23 to 27 in Venice, Italy. The photos above show the arcades along Piazzetta di San Marco and Piazza San Marco on Christmas and on Boxing Day (in fog).

The current colonnaded buildings enclosing the square on three sides (and the west side of the Piazzetta) were built in the 16th century.  Their arcades front a number of coffee houses, including two of the oldest and most famous in Italy: Florian (1720) and Gran Caffè Quadri (1775).

Of course, we had due caffè espresso at Florian, which was easily possible because tourists are far fewer during Christmas week. The coffees were €6.50 each, but they were very good (and there was a cookie and water).

(The water carafe was adorable, and I now regret that I didn’t buy one and hold it on my lap on the plane.  I’m very tempted to order it from their website. Also, check out the wonderful terrazzo floor at their entrance here; I forgot to take a photo of it.)

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday porch: Piazza San Marco

    1. I really recommend it! There were still a number of tourists around the entrance to the Basilica and the shopping streets between it and the Rialto Bridge — but not too bad — but it was always possible to walk a few blocks (or canals) and see very few people. It’s such a splendid (that’s the word for it) city.

  1. Almost sixty years ago we visited on a spitting rain and foggy day — I was not yet five — and your pictures bring it back! Particularly the one in the Piazzetta with the pillars and light poles. You can imagine how vast the space seemed to a mildly agoraphobic little child. I clung to my mother in her long Burberry, alarmed as much by all the pigeons as by the vast space. What an excellent way to spend the holiday! Happy new year.

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