The winter garden: red cactus

Red Cactus, Preus Museum on flickrRød kaktus,” between late 19th c. and 1933, by Inga Breder, via Preus Museum Commons on flickr.

The small Schlumbergera genus of plants is native to the coastal mountains  of southeast Brazil.  By 1860, a number of its cultivars were being sold in England for indoor winter color.

Today, they are commonly called Christmas cactus — or Cacto de Navidad (Spanish), Cactus de Noël (French), and Weihnachtskaktus (German).

The photographer, Inga Breder, was born in Bodø, Norway, in 1855. As an adult she lived in Oslo and became an amateur photographer, competing in and judging competitions.

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “The winter garden: red cactus

    1. I hope so, although I will probably enjoy a few months of garden tourism before breaking ground. I’m having to think about what makes a good winter garden after several years of green and flowers in January.

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