Vintage landscape: woodland teahouse

Japanese teahouse, Library of CongressTea house in a woodland, Itsuku-Shima, Japan,” between 1890 and 1923, photographer unknown, via the Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The garden may be on Itsukushima Island (now called Miyajima).

I’m sorry there was no Sunday porch two days ago; there was also no weekend internet service in our house.

What carols, like the blazon of a king,
Fill all the dawn with wonder?
Oh, hush,
It is the thrush,
In the deep and woody glen!

— Edwin Markham, from “A Lyric of the Dawn

8 thoughts on “Vintage landscape: woodland teahouse

  1. It’s incredibly frustrating when internet fails, or when it isn’t available, as was the case when we were in Botswana last week. I was looking forward to an internet-free week but found that I felt so cut off… didn’t like feeling that way but that’s how it was.

    I do so enjoy the Sunday porch posts. I visited the McLean House at Appomatox when I was a child, and recognized it immediately. I went back to see it about 10-15 years ago and didn’t particularly like how the place had been ‘parkified’ even though I understand why that has happened.


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