Our garden in fog

All morning bathed in a dovelike brooding. . . .*

We woke up yesterday morning to heavy fog.

Our garden in fog/enclos*ureOur huge, antique TV dish was recently replaced with a much smaller one, but it was still on the back lawn awaiting pick up.

In the fog, from the upstairs porch, it looked like we’d had a space visitor.

I went out about 7:00 a.m. and took these naturally soft-focused pictures.

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*by Mark Jarman, from “A.M. Fog.”

13 thoughts on “Our garden in fog

    1. What a good idea. I was really trying to think of a way to make a garden ornament out of it. Maybe it could be coated with concrete (or clay) and become a huge bowl. (But, I think the embassy wants to auction it for scrap.)

    1. This is pretty much the whole garden, except for a small area north of the lawn, around the big acacia tree, and the driveway area. The fog does create mystery though — and softens all the colors.

  1. Nothing makes a garden more beautiful than fog! Your bougainvillea hedge reminds me that I was just reading about Bougainville (who discovered the plant). He was one of Montcalm’s officers at the famed battle for Canada on the Plains of Abraham, among other things. And Capt. Cook was with Gen. Wolfe on the English side of the engagement. A little quirk of history; two famous explorers who were both there but they were not the main event!

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