My crops: alpine strawberries

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I had a good harvest today of my alpine strawberries, which I grew from seed. (O.K., the bed is less than 4 ft.x 4 ft.)

I’m actually pretty bad at raising things from seed, but I’ve succeeded in three gardens with alpines. I sowed the seeds for these plants right into the ground.

Their taste is wonderful, more perfume-y than commercial strawberries (maybe I’ll even share the next handful). They also make nice small edging plants in flower beds.

To-morrow it will be the same:
Cakes and strawberries. . .

–Amy Lowell, from “Interlude

2 thoughts on “My crops: alpine strawberries

  1. Congrats! Cindy, I have never grown anything from seeds – so this is very inspiring. Enjoy your home grown, organic strawberries – such a treat 🙂
    BTW, it is freezing in DC – bet you don’t miss the cold!!

    1. Not at all! I am worried about my little ‘Brown Turkey’ fig tree that I planted 2 1/2 years ago in our Washington garden. Even if it lives, I don’t think I’ll have figs this summer.

      Try the alpine strawberries sometime. They would be pretty potted up in your sunny shop windows.

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