Bloom Day in December: 50 shades

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know that posting a lot of flower closeups is the soft porn of garden blogging,* but I find that I’m not above it.

I live in Rwanda, which explains all the color in December. If you are reading from the recently snowy northern hemisphere, I’m very sorry, and you may avert your eyes.

Thanks to Carol of  May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of every month.  Click here and see what’s blooming in other climes.

This is my second post today.  “The Sunday porch” is here.

*Or of any garden publishing, outside of botany books.

11 thoughts on “Bloom Day in December: 50 shades

  1. Okay, I love your slideshow with the captions. How did you do that? I haven’t been blogging much lately or commenting on blogs, but I still read them & wanted you to know that I am still really enjoying your postings!

  2. For making a slideshow, in ‘edit post’, I click on ‘add media’, and then upload the photos as usual. Then, on the left, I click on ‘create gallery’ and check the photos that I want in the slideshow. Then, way over on the lower right, I click on ‘create a new gallery’. Then I can drag the photos into the order that I want and add captions. Then, on the right, I choose ‘slideshow’ from the drop down ‘Type’ menu. And then I click on ‘insert gallery’ at the lower right side.

    I like the slideshows because the heavy black borders brighten up my so-so photos.

    It’s good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are well. Please finish your quilt so that you can return to all your garden peeps. (I am a reformed quilter.)

    1. Thanks for the instructions!!! I am loving sewing; however, it will never compare to gardening. It’s just my “inside hobby.” I’ll get back to the blogging eventually!

  3. Long may the soft porn close-ups of flowers in bloom continue! Thanks for a warm moment on a cold, snowy day. And thanks to Mary Gray for the question, and you for the answer, about creating slideshows. I may try it on a post of my own.

  4. Those of us in the cold and snowy northern climes depend on all these gorgeous blooms from the south to keep us going through winter. Thanks for the flower fix. 🙂

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