A little Heaven in Kigali

I was really taken with the cover of Josh Ruxin’s recent book, A Thousand Hills to Heaven.  The illustration by Emily Robertson depicts a table set for two in an idealized garden setting among the patchwork fields of Rwanda.

A Thousand Hills to Heaven

Inside, the book is a thoughtful and engaging memoir of expat life and development work.

The actual restaurant, Heaven, which was created by Alissa Ruxin,  Josh’s wife, is one of our favorites.  Of course it’s not in the fields, but in a leafy old Kigali neighborhood, in a building completely open to the view on two sides and shaded by old ficus trees.

We had Thankgiving dinner there, and you can see pictures of that evening and read more about the book here, on The Atlantic’s website.

2 thoughts on “A little Heaven in Kigali

  1. Looks like a wonderful place to eat and especially enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. The inclusion of the menorah and latkas was heartwarming.

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