After some rain

All night the sound had
come back again,
and again falls
this quiet, persistent rain. . . .

— Robert Creeley, from “The Rain

Our garden on August 31, at the end of the dry season:Our garden in the dry season/enclos*ure

And on September 11, after several days of rain:Our September garden in Rwanda/enclos*ure

Much better. After the first rain or two, everything seemed almost sparkly.

Below (click on any of the thumbnails in the gallery) is a little tour of the borders along the upper and lower lawns, taken on September 11 — just before sunset — and yesterday afternoon.

I think this will be my slightly early Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and Foliage Follow-Up submission for September. Please go to May Dreams Gardens (Bloom Day on September 15) and Digging (Foliage Follow-Up on September 16) to see what’s happening in other Garden Bloggers’ gardens.

8 thoughts on “After some rain

  1. Haha…I know what you mean! It has been very dry here too and Thursday we had 1.25″ of rain in a deluge! But now everything is clean and crisp…maybe we’ll have a lovely Fall after all!

    PS….hubby is working on the bathroom!;)

  2. We are finally getting some rain here so I am hoping my garden springs to life again, too. I love that layout of all the garden views like a big collage. If you haven’t visited Nan at Hayefield for GBBD, you must. Her garden is unbelievable. Hope to see you sometime this year.

    1. Just looked at Hayefield — oh my goodness!

      WordPress just gave my theme the option for the collage for a gallery, which is more interesting than the lined-up thumbnails.

      I’m making plans for a Madison fall; I’ll be in touch soon!

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