A study in steps: Muhima

Roadside steps, Muhima sector, Kigali, Rwanda/enclos*ure
Boulevard de Nyabugogo, Muhima Sector, Kigali, Rwanda.

Detail of roadside steps, Kigali, Rwanda

Sprawling over numerous hills and valleys, with roads that wind crazily around and across the contours, Kigali can be a confusing city to navigate. Just when you think you know where you are going, your destination appears on the horizon in another direction! However, it’s a fairly compact city and assuming that you aren’t put off by the idea of steep slopes, over-friendly children and changeable weather, walking is a fantastic way to get about. If you have just arrived, don’t forget that Kigali lies at an altitude of around 1,600m, so take it easy on the hills!

— Caroline Pomeroy in the Bradt guide to Rwanda

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